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2 Top 5 Issues with HP Printer

HP Printers are most popular printers so far because they give readable presentation of graphics as well as text on paper. You can’t find any other printer brand in market which can compete with HP in context to quality. HP keeps on innovating with the technology to make more efficient printer which are better than the previous ones. But as we all know where there blessing, barriers come up from the mid to halt your work. No matter how reliable these printers are but still you will face some issues with it which will become a disappointment for you. Although, in this article we are trying to make things easy for you, we will discuss top 5 printing issues that a user faces with HP Printers.

  1. Paper Jam: This is the most common and the most annoying issue that you will encounter time and again. The common reason o having paper jam is either wrong paper type or the roller in the printer that feeds the paper through its pathway is worn down. It can also happen when the printer holds the paper vertically and then pulls it down. Regular cleaning of printer and using correct paper type is easy but resolving other causes can be bit difficult for a non technical person.
  2. Ghosting: When the printer prints properly but a lighter image also prints elsewhere is known as ghosting. The basic reason of ghosting is the power outlet that is supplying power to the printer, so to fix this issue check your power outlet. The other reason behind the issue is, when your ink or drum unit is almost at end. Replace the part that is exhausted.
  3. Can’t find compatible driver: When an operating system is upgraded then you have to change your printer driver which is compatible with the OS. It is best to consult printer manual or manufacturer site to find out what printers the driver will emulate. However, you won’t be able to use all the features of the printer with this emulation, but at least basic printer will work.
  4. Trouble in printing on envelop: Most laser printer users complaint that they are not able to print on envelops. It is suggested that you use 20-lb paper in weight and thickness and also make sure that the adhesive of envelop is capable of withstanding the head produced by fuser to print.
  5. Faded Print: Faded print can be resulted because of the following reasons:
  • The printer is getting low on toner- Remove the cartridge and shakes it to distribute the ink more evenly for better printing unless you need to replace the cartridge.
  • The print density is set to low- set the print density higher.
  • Economode printing is turned on- you will get lighter print, so turn of economode.

However, HP printers are reliable one, but still like any other machine they are also vulnerable to failure. So, if next time you get any issue with your printer then simply look for the solution either in this article or consult a technician at Hp Printer Support Number UK.




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